Wood Stove Blower

Wood Burning stoves are a wonderful and ecological way to heat your home. One drawback is that whilst wood burning stoves are excellent at heating a single room, heating your whole home can be a challenge. That's where a wood stove blower can help.

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A wood stove blower is a piece of equipment that can be added to your stove heating system to help make it more efficient at heating your home. It works by circulating warm air from your stove to other rooms in your home. Blowers work on the principle of increasing the hot air that blows from your wood burning stove or fire.

When buying a woodstove blower it is important to make sure you have chosen the correct blower for your stove. The safest way to find out which blower is the right one for you is to check your stove manufacturer's name and model number.

Be sure to measure the dimensions of your stove correctly. There are many types, sizes and brands available and it would be worthwhile to get some expert advice before you make your purchase. Some blowers can be fitted relatively easily whereas others may need a qualified technician to install it for you.

There are small blower fans that are designed to be fitted in doorways that move the heat flow from on room to another. Duct fans can be fitted in your stove duct that move hot air around your home.

Until recently wood stove blowers and fans have run on electricity, but now there are self-powered fans which work on the heat generated by the stove. These are known as a Sterling Engines.

When it comes to replacing you blower, there are many websites that offer "contractor kits". These can sometimes be bought a very good prices, but be aware that they may be supplied with with limited instructions.

Accessories for your blower include variable speed controls, thermodiscs and power cords.


Top 5 Wood Burning Stove Accessories

Wood Stove Blowers - Stove Info & Part Numbers

Blower assembly for Appalachian Stove
Blower Assembly 1C180
Original McMillan Motor w/ Oil Spout
Motor 2510-2002

Motor only for Ashley Stove
Left (AY052713R)
Right (AY052714R)

Blower and Motor for Aurora Stove
1/150 HP single speed motor
Part No. 1CF150

Black Bart Motors
Rear Mount 1/30 hp Motor - Part No. 1BB1
Front Mount Motor - Part No. 1BBIIM
9 1/2" Fanblade - Part No. 1FBB912

Blue Ridge Blower & Bracket
Part No. 1M4250

Buck 3-Speed Motor
For RMR and motors with fan on rear shaft
Buck 9-inch Fanblade

Carolina Motor
Part No. 1M180

Cemi C-Frame Motor with Blade- Part No. 1CFMS
Boxer Fan - Part No. 1BF2107

Country Flame Stoves
10 1/2" Transflo Blower - Part No. 1TF1012R
600 CFM Blower - Part No. 1574CF
Part No. 100102CF Motor with Fan Blade
Part No. 1069CF Blower Assembly
Part No. 10691CF Blower Assembly
Part No. 1C500 500CFM Centrifugal Blower
Part No. 1C500CFA Blower Assembly with Grill

Craft Stoves
Hearth Mount Blower Assembly - Part No. 1C265
Blower Motor Only - Part No. 1M265

Silent Flame Stoves
3-Speed Motor - Part No. SF782012

Gibralter Stoves - Blower Assembly
Part. No. 1702G / 1C212

Hitzer Stoves - Blower Assembly
Part. No. 1C134H / 1C212 / 1C465 / 1C980H / 1TF1012L / 1TF1012R

Jenson Furnace
Blower Assembly - Part. No.C0456
Draft Blower - Part. No. 69097

Johnson Furnace
Blower - Part. No 80230
Blower Limit Control - Part. No 80145

Surburban Stoves
Blower Assembly - Part. No.SB6-88U
Motors - Part No. S512199 / S510955 / S510956 / S511179

Woodchuck Stoves
Blower Assembly - Part. No.1C500
Draft Blower - Part. No.1C60