Heat Reclaimers

Each and every wood, coal stove, or furnace produced so far isn't completely efficient. What this means is that heat that could be used is certainly going up every single chimney. A heat reclaimer might just be what you need.

This remarkable device is made to make use of a portion of that wasted heat as well as allowing sufficient heat to go through the chimney so creosote and soot development is prevented.

The heat reclaimer has a noiseless, reliable fan that encourages heat circulation to enhance all round performance.

Some heat reclaimers are created to get back warmth in the way of extra warm water coming from exhaust stacks of gas and oil burning devices.

Manufactures and brand names include the Magic Heat Reclaimer and the Vogelzang Stovepipe Heat Reclaimer.


Magic Heat Reclaimer for Wood, Oil or Coal Stove - 8 in., Model# MH-8-R

Magic Heat Reclaimer Parts